Birding with a 500mm F4 or 600mm F4

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Re: Birding with a 500mm F4 or 600mm F4

JP Scherrer wrote:

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JP Scherrer wrote:

I don't have the 500 nor 600mm, but I tried them both, and I found the 600mm. Much heavier snd bulkier than the 500mm. !

Also, the gain of the 600 over the 500 is only 1.2x !!! With your D800 set to 1.2x, you will get an equal viewing size and as in most cases you will crop and/or resize the image, so you won't lose anything !

Just my 2 cents....


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Actually the gain in not 20%, but 44%. Source from Arthur Morris

The size of the subject in the frame is a function of the square of the focal length. A subject that fills 25% (5X5) of the frame in an image created with a 500mm lens will fill 36% (6X6) of the frame if photographed with a 600mm lens from the same distance. The huge advantage here goes to the 600 II which will render the subject 44% larger in the frame than the 500 II.

I think that's being a bit pedantic. If you are photographing a subject with the 500 and then with the 600 from the same distance, then the subject by the 600 will appear 20% longer and taller. I guess you are right to say that the area of the frame is 44% larger, but the actual subject is 20% longer by 20% taller.

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Lance B

Not to worry, Lance ! Each one has right to think its own way !

Still, for me, 600/500 = 1.2 = 20% !

I agree.

....but, if we do 500/600, we get 0.833333, which is less than 20% !

Maybe not.

haaaaa...... maths......

...but we will survive, anyway !

LOL. Hopefully!


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