Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Re: Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

Smarabuto wrote:

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Smarabuto wrote:

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Smarabuto wrote:

I bought recentely a Metabones adapter to use my good colection of nikon lens.

The e-m1 is very good taking care of them. I don't experiment all of them by now, but i having fun on the process.

This photo is not a very good one, but i belive that shows how good a old Nikon 180mm f/2.8 ED-IF AI-s AF can be on a Olympus e-m1 body.

On the contrary this image is quite a good one for demonstarting clarity and detail and precise use of flash.

thank you, but no flash, just a beautifull winter lisbon light

There you are - must have timed the moment just right with that great light on the right spot. All the more reason to be happy with your technique.

Thank you again. It was a good moment yes, but i was only experimenting my new speedboster with the nikon and it is a very good combo.

I like a lot the olympus and panasonic lens, but using a combo like that and be proud of the results is a very good sensation. The lack of AF with the E-M1 is not a problem at all for me, the evf is so good that most of the time i don't use the focus peaking.

I believe that we always have to take a lot of images to practice our photographic technique so that we don't have to stop and think when that one great shot in a lifetime has to be caught in a split second.  Or in another way: practice makes you luckier.

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