Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Re: Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

Felice62 wrote:

I am sharing my legacy MF lenses between the A7 and the Panasonic G6.

For the above I am using 'cheap' flange adapters (no focal reducers / speed booster, no additional lenses).

I am fine with both A7 and G6 focus peaking and it's a lotta fun.

I've mainly prime lenses with a single exception, Canon FD 35-105 /3.5 macro that I purchased because it was a bargain and looked quite good

Another "cross border" user - welcome ...

I have the ability to use my single lens stock on several mounts:

Samsung NX, I stopped at the very nice but basic NX10; the LM mount, in this case Ricoh GXR mount module which is arguably the best set up to support MF lenses; the Pentax Q where surprisingly the tiny D mount works well and is generally useless everywhere else, but if I am crazy enough I can technically fit M42 or FD lenses to it; the Sony E mount, which is the only one that will allow my Canon EF lenses to work natively with suitable adapters, but introduced me to focal reducer adapters which allowed me to supercharge my ex-slr MF lenses; and now the GM1 in M4/3 which I saw as being another tiny hot rod but for regular lenses, but even (say) the Russian Jupiter-9 85mm f2.0 is beautifully proportioned and well balanced on the GM1 turning it into a quite fast and useful telephoto.  And hot rod the GM1 actually is as it is a good little mule to work easily with MF lenses.  It is just a matter of balance.

I have yet to try the wider but similar length Jupiter-9 in M42 on the GM1.  By using the RJ M42 focal reducer adapter the M42 version will give me an effective 119mm f1.4 lens.

The only thing I still need to make the GM1 into a true winner is a form of optical finder that also assists with reducing bright light glare.  Succour is at hand - my Clearviewer for the GM1 is riding to the rescue - should be here any day now.

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