NX10 - NX11 backup batteries

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Re: NX10 - NX11 backup batteries

Jaberwok wrote:

I have 1 NX10 / 2 NX11's which work fine. The issue now as they are years old, is replacing the internal battery. All 3 cameras lose their customer user settings / dates- time zones etc when the battery is changed. It seems the same issue as an old PC- the internal PCB battery backup has failed.

Anybody any ideas how to change this?

  • You'll need to study this NX10 Service Manual
  • The internal PCB battery is mounted on the motherboard (refer schematic p7-2)
  • I skimmed the manual, and to me it looks like you'll probably need to disassemble the camera fairly completely, just in order to access the PCB battery holder.  And even when you get that far. there's a slim chance the battery may be soldered in place?
  • To be honest this disassembly looks somewhat daunting.  So my suggestion would be to attempt it only if you've got nothing to lose (ie. the body is a paperweight already).

@jaberwok, Having said that, I sure hope you do try it, and if you do then please take some pictures!!!

Good luck

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