Any talk of new lenses or a roadmap at all for E-Mount?

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the right answer

TrojMacReady wrote:

DT200 wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

DT200 wrote:

TrojMacReady wrote:

DT200 wrote:

According to you:

The FE lenses average $875 in price and that may go up with the next lens.

take a reply out of its context,

LOL, first you say the average FE lens price is $875, and then try to say that was out of "context"???

Yes an average of $875

I am glad you are finally admitting the truth.

I like your attempt to take what I already said in my first post in this thread (finally how again?), trying to make it your own statement and hoping to get away with it, since your first claim didn't make it past the truth test. As usual.

This goes back to the OP. The new Sony lenses are very expensive and FE size.

The 70-200mm FE lens is LARGER than athe Canon FULL FRAME version in every dimension.

And more of the same tactics. You mentioned both the Canon and Nikon being smaller.

And I was CORRECT. The Nikon is 78x178.5 and the Sony is 80x175. When you compute the volume the Nikon is smaller.

Bwahaha. Did you use a 3D rendering to calculate volume?

The Nikon tapers more than the Sony,

So you admit you were guessing again. Quelle surprise.

Remember that whole Barbie saying?  Math is tough.

With simple math you can calculate the Nikon and Canon do have less volume.  Overlaying the images I found on Google confirms the calculations.  Diameter is 2 dimensions which students often overlook.  Hope that helps.

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