Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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The smallest Leica-like camera in the business

joergzielosko wrote:

I would really like to use the Voigtländer 17.5 as an all-purpose lens on my E-M5, but it is too expensive and too large and heavy. So I ended using only AF mFT lenses, but in MF mode to a large degree.

Also played with some legacy OM lenses (50 f/1.4, 135 f/2.8, 200 f/4). But they do not offer anything over native mFT lenses.

My understanding is that a FF mirrorless system (such as Sony A7) is better suited for adapting legacy glass (when the corner softness / vigetting / colour shift issue is solved). I am dreaming of a small FF mirrorless body and adapted Leica M glass. Time will tell.

Short of the real thing the best choice is the Ricoh GXR-M which at "only" aps-c does pretty well as it is no-compromise designed as a Leica M glass camera - down to optimised sensor and a "ball room" inside so that there are few LM or LTM lenses that will not mount because of rear protrusions - biogons? - no problem.

Focal plane shutter, two great alternative focus peaking systems make MF a breeze. If anyone is going to make a FF camera for Leica M glass that works properly then it is most likely to be coming from Ricoh if you need it affordable.

All the other systems that mount Leica glass are full of compromises due to their necessity to provide electronic contacts for their oem lenses.

But today the smallest Leica-like camera in the business "only" has a 4/3 seonsor and it is called "GM1".

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