Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

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Re: Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

Aberaeron wrote:

While I agree with most of that comment, I think you misunderstand the latest craze for 'retro' cameras. They don't generally skimp on the latest technology within these cameras. The 'retro' part is almost entirely in reference to the camera style and the personal image that the aspiring owner wishes to portray of themselves. These retro cameras are no less sophisticated than their 'conventional' counterparts for the most part, yet they ignore the latest interfaces that have made modern cameras more convenient to use, preferring to fit multiple and confusing, sometimes unergonomic physical dials instead of, or in some combination with software adjustments.

This is not necessarily true. Fujifilm made "retro" X-Pro1 with conveniently placed manual exposure controls that are more convenient than menu-diving of "modern" cameras, and in the new generation of those series added split-image focusing based on manual focusing aid present in old film SLRs and implemented as a part of phase-detection focusing similar to modern DSLRs (as opposed to magnifier-and-peaking of the original X-Pro1/X-E1). Those are genuine advantages. On the other hand, video recording is blatantly half-assed in the whole series.

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