Question: Oly em1, em5 and em10 eyeglass wearers

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Re: Question: Oly em1, em5 and em10 eyeglass wearers

uniball wrote:

Please pardon my intrusion as I'm a committed Fuji X-series shooter.

I'd like to get a better idea of what life with a larger evf is like. The Fuji XT-1 beckons me. While there are differences between the Fuji XT-1 and the Oly's, some if your experience would be helpful.

As an on and off eyeglass wearer, I'd like to know how life is with your evf''s while wearing your glasses/sunglasses. Especially compared to the older/smaller viewfinders on the PEN series cameras.

Peripheral vision? Ambient light affecting the evf on bright sunny days (I live in Florida)? Do you wish you weren't wearing glasses?

Thanks for any responses.

The EM-1 has the best eye relief I have ever seen. I can easily see the whole frame with my glasses on. Edge to edge. If you still have issues it has a different mode that makes the image smaller (and places the info bar at the bottom as opposed to an overlay. Best to try it out. Eye glass users should have no issues.

PS: I don't even have to jam my eye in there. Just bring it to my eye and it works.

IM not sure of the EM-5 cause I haven't users on with glasses (i use glasses/ contacts alternately)


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