12-40mm vs 45mm - A request for examples

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Re: 12-40mm vs 45mm - A request for examples

I have both. The 12-40 is an awesome walk around/landscape lens. Portraits taken at 40mm 2.8 are lovely. However just remember that 1.8 and 2.8 are very close. you can take a picture with the 45mm @1.8 and another photo with the 12-40 @ 40mm/2.8 and just taking one or two steps forward and backwards will change your perspectives. However I will try and use my dogs and take a few snaps for ya once I get home

drpoop wrote:

hey all, I put this in another post but maybe someone else can fulfill my request.

I have the 45mm and I am considering getting the 12-40, but I wonder whether I should sell the 45 to finance the purchase. Would I miss the 45mm at f 1.8?? or can 40mm at f2.8 render something acceptably similar?

Could you please conduct a test for me?

A portrait scenario, a face/object up close with a distant background (maybe some points of light?), the 45mm at f 1.8 vs the 12-40mm at 40mm and f 2.8, BUT with that half step closer to get the portrait framed similarly

If you could post those two images, that would be great.

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