Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Re: More using adapted manual lenses than you think…

jeffharris wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Which puzzles me a bit because if you look up MF lens adapters to M4/3 mount for sale on the web it seems that there is a huge industry there catering for somebody. Somebody who?

There are quite a few mirrorless systems out there ALL with pretty thin selections of native lenses. So, instead of complain about a dearth of available native glass, what's the best way to fill the gaps? Adapt manual lenses.

In the three years I've been using M4/3, and adapting manual lenses, I've seen the cost of used manual lenses rise quite a bit. At least at KEH where I've bought most of my used lenses. A couple have jumped 25% or more!

As more and more new mirrorless systems are released, I think we'll see that trend continue.

There's also something quite special about using some older lenses. The rendering and character some older lenses have over the current trend toward clinical sharpness has a lot of appeal for some people. Is it soul? Maybe.

A fellow traveller here Jeff. I have seen some of the cost price of my purchases double since I bought mine. Others have gone down in value, depending on which way the fashion wind blows. Consider how much for a Myer Trioplan these days? "Swirly bokeh" rules it seems, orr is it "rendering and character"? Probably more expensive than a native AF M4/3 lens

However as a tragic from the Ricoh GXR-M which is rapidly becoming an icon of everything old is new again and will become collectible if Ricoh does not continue this line I was gratified to find the MF lens culture alive and well on the Sony NEX forum when I trailed over there with my NEX6 and my electronic adapters and focal reducers to recycle my MF lenses with some vengeance.

The GM1 is a mini-GXR-M to me and pads out my camera body fleet sideways whereas the GX7 would be to ask me to decide whether I need junk my GXR-M or NEX6 which I enjoy dearly. Not passing any judgement on the GX7 - it is very much of keeping good working gear that I have rather than working the fantasy of continued replacement for something new (like for like).

Therefore I start this thread from the basis of wondering if I am the only guy out of step in the parade that has noticed the juke box playing in the cafe as we pass and all the pretty girls waving from the door.

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