Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Re: From your requirements

Art_P wrote:

I'd definitely take the E-M1 over the 5... after adding grip and EV-4 to the 5, you're getting quite close to the E-M-1 price... and you still will be missing WiFi, HDR, full metal chassis and a bunch of other upgrades.

I have counted that it goes to very similar range depending then what lens I would buy after.

But that FV-4 90-degree flip possibility is tempting feature too.

Biggest advantage I see to FF would be higher res and DR, biggest disadvantage would be size

As far I have found, E-M1 will lose only to D800 a 1/3 of stop in exposure range and dynamic range is very well controlled until going over ISO 6400. For resolution wise I could see well x2 or even x4 multiplying image size if size really matters as so many have promoted the sharpness on those Olympus lenses.

9:1 macro? using a reversed lens or bellows? Do you do much focus stacking?

Bellows. Does altough require pretty fancy old OM flash too to give enough flash power but the live view made it very nice to use even by handheld. For focus stacking I haven't done much as when focus area for me is 1-1/10 of millimeter the targets fit almost totally to DOF with 2x crop factor with f/16 so it is f/32. There I just see huge disadvange from FF.

I don't see shallow DoF being an advantage for landscape (depending on your style) or macro... perhaps for portraits.

It would be for portraits and landscape (small subjects at close or medium range as well to be sharp or unsharp). I have seen only few shots from m4/3 what has offered a few centimeter DOF, where example tip of the nose is unsharp and then ear is too so between that 10cm is sharp area. I do admire shots what I could take with medium and full format cameras where only iris is sharp and rest is unsharp but used to please too with kino film DOF range too.

Somewhat I wish I could get sometimes that 2-3cm DOF with speedbooster if required (instead just having faster lens).

As for looking more 'pro' to get into the press area, mount a 50-200 w adapter (or the 40-150 2.8 when it comes out) bulk up w the battery grip, and that should be sufficient to impress

BTW, how does one totally flatten one's kit? Steamroller? Tank?

Latter one. When a few tens of tons rolls suddenly over your full gear backpack, you are happy only it wasn't you at that moment. Even when scientifically MBT track weight per square centimeter to ground is much less than 80kg human with size of 42 (EU) shoe is to ground, it does get lots of damage if something gets between it and ground.

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