Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

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Re: Buying new camera (set) and choice between two m4/3 and FF

Rocky ID Olympian wrote:

I just bought E-M1 which previously I have E-M5. Used to have E-520 also.

Just from E-M5 to E-M1 I can feel big difference in EVF, grip and other functions. I Think you should get E-M1. This camera is a keeper, we can use it way more than 3 years and will still sufficient for us.

Reading about your condition, E-M1 EVF will bring huge advantage for you in low light.

Does those EVF cause problems in cold weather or similar weirdness? It is tempting that brightness adjustment but it as well seems to be limited somehow as there is way to disable it.

Didn't E-M5 have a OLED EFV whats problem is its brightness dims in time?

In low light conditions when I get to situation where I am more or less shooting almost blind with OFV by gut feeling (experience) I love the idea where view is boosted. But with E-520 had this nice live view boost what as well dropped frame rate if kept colorful (otherwise went B/W) and it was nice feature. Does the EFV work similar manner too?

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