Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Re: Not legacy, but designed for µFT and still manual focus

Ron Evers wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I use Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm, Rokinon 85mm (FT versioin, with adapter) and Rokinon 7.5mmFE.

Manual focus works well with the EVF and just judging by eye-sight (no focus peaking necessary for me).

No electronic contacts, so obviously no automatic magnification upon touching the focus ring. But I mapped magnification to Fn Button 1.

Thanks Roel, I just get the impression that there are number of MF lens users in various configurations out there but they all must be hiding. Which means that those who have been buying all those MF adapters for M4/3 must be just out quite sensibly using them.

I bought the first m4/3 camera when it came out (G1) & the two slow zoom lenses @ the time. Not at all happy with the slow glass I started buying legacy lenses & adapted them & used them almost exclusively until I bought my E-M5 & started buying native lenses. I accumulated about thirty vintage lenses with M39, M42, MC/MD, FD & PK mounts. Now that I have faster native glass, I rarely go to my collection except for macro.

Thanks Ron, being new to "M4/3 culture" this helps me understand it.

As a "personal explanation": I found my interest in MF lenses initially through the Ricoh GXR with mount module which is 100% manual lens capable and no compromises. No compromises actually made a very good camera and Ricoh also made MF so very easy with two very good focus peaking systems that work so very well. So I became sort of rusted in to MF lenses. A side diversion into Sony NEX6 simply to be able to use my pre-existing Canon EF lenses via elecronic adapters found the use of MF lenses alive and well on the NEX systems. As a side line I met up with the joys of the focal reducer.

So when I saw the GM1 I thought "micro GXR" and that this would be waved around everywhere by M4/3 enthusiasts with RF lenses on board as a sort of uber-small Leica without the perhaps necessary evf. But you cannot have everything on something this tiny. Furthermore the introduction of focal reducer adapters to M4/3 mount would be an excuse to ratchet up the performance of MF lenses over all M4/3 mount cameras.

I can understand that native M4/3 are now plentiful and would be much simpler to use but I thought that there might have been more chat from rusted in M4/3 users on MF lenses and quite a few who saw in the GM1 some sort of pocket rocket of a camera. Apparently not the M4/3 guys seem to be a more sensible lot less prone to bashing themselves on the head with MF lenses but out taking images with the designed for the purpose native ones.

As the penny might be dropping the answer might emerge that Sony NEX users might be hanging on to MF lenses because of the celebrated short quantity of native E mount lenses - now exacerbated by the FE mount requiring FF capable lenses in order to do full duty.

The other factor might have been the lack of focus peaking assist on the M4/3 sytem until fairly recently. Ricoh has had their two systems working from the day that the mount module was introduced.

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