Newbie gear question 2300 budget.

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Re: Newbie gear question 2300 budget.

juvx wrote:

WryCuda wrote:

If you are doing RAW and Pixel-Peeping, I suspect that you are more experienced than you suggest in your OP.

I wouldn't call it pixel-peeping its more of just an eyeball test. of 2 similar images exposed and post processed the same way. Which looks better overall. And I found that the Sony NEX6 did better over the D5100. Now keep in mind D5100 was with kit lens and the Nex with the 30mm 2.8 Art Sigma prime. So I know its not a fair comparison.

The 18-105mm kit lens doesn't do a bad job, but it's no match for a prime, and zoom lenses usually have optimum resolution at smaller apertures, so not a fair test, as you say.

I have to look very hard to see test-chart differences when I compare the same lens on a a 3200 vs. 7100 (both 24 MPixel). No difference in the field.

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