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Re: Its never ever happened to my V1

tomhongkong wrote:

My view is that a proper photographer will learn to operate within the limit of his (her) camera and most will do very well.

Yes, this was also a point I wanted to make... It's important to know the limitations of the camera. If they're not dealbreakers for you and you can live with them, that's cool. But it's still important to know them and sometimes in fact, test them.

The knowledge that my camera has an inexplicable 3 second metering delay can become very helpful in the future and it's simply another thing in the list I need to compensate for. It's not about trashing the camera. Well maybe a little because it's really really really really dumb but N1 is full of such idiosyncrasies and this isn't the worst one so whatever. It's just very good to keep in mind.

olyflyer wrote:

It's all in this thread. I will not repeat. Sorry.

Thanks... Hmm the images don't work anymore. Anyway since that is in fact a link to your own post about pretty much the same thing and in fact you labeled it a #1 weak point... I gotta ask, why are you then denying the issue exist and may be important for some? I don't understand this.

BTW there is a known issue with some cameras that when they're pointed from light to dark and light again, they never actually recover the original metering in the light area. I think Thom Hogan described it somewhere. Oddly this is something I don't see on my V1, but the fact it's slow to adjust is true. But not beyond those 3 seonds I'm seeing.

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