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Re: Nothing wrong with the F31fd

Kim Letkeman wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

DS21 wrote:

That's why he is mistaken, the watercolor effect at ISO 1600 was the thing of F30, F31 does not have that effect. But, he will reply again, his has to be the last, he is the supreme authority on this forum after all.

I figured, and he's completely wrong about the F31fd, it's IQ still stands up today but then I'm obviously assuming that the user would know what he's doing and has actually owned the camera.

OMG, you are right! Only by paying for a camera can one truly come to know its abilities.

Photography has ceased to be mysterious or complex as it is now known that the mere application of cash renders it entirely transparent.

You have performed a great service for the forum and DPReview in general.

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What is obvious is that it's a bit silly to dismiss a camera you've neither owned nor used

That's not even close to original, so the smiley just underscores how little thought you put into that comment.

I still own the F10 and I used the F11 for many years. The newer cameras changed the processing, but not the sensor, so I had no problems replicating their results with the F11. The difference was that the F11 did not bruise the pixels so much.

Sure, I remember all the reviews stressing that point all the time.

In the end, though, the people who invoke the "you are not an owner" argument always lose by default. It boggles the mind how lazy that argument is.

Not really, as an owner I'll have a far better idea of what the camera can do than someone who has never used one, but if you think I'm wrong I look forward to your forthcoming "Not used Reviews" site, let me know how that works out for you.

And your characterization of my comments as "dismissing" the F31fd are also some of the laziest I have seen in a while. I did nothing of the sort. I said that it was a great camera in its time and that it was way behind the state of the art today. All true.

You said it was a museum piece, and while it may not be "state of the art" these days the image samples I posted still give it better IQ than plenty point and shoots released to this day, so that comment was nonsense. As a cheap pocketable P&S it's still a great little camera.

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