Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

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Re: Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

Aberaeron wrote:

You obviously missed my post where I illustrated that the people have the same aspirations to something 'better' that we have in the West and where possible they embrace technology and higher standards of living with gusto.

Yes, everyone aspires to be a cowboy from Hollywood movies with technology of other Hollywood movies. When reality shows up, things end up very much different from your friendly corporate propaganda picture.

Examples are everywhere, but as nations that have transformed in recent times, South Korea stands out like a beacon, where living standards are generally high and the highest levels of cutting-edge technology thrive.

South Korea has healthy industry and the most oppressive society you can possibly imagine without going into "Enemies!!!" frenzy (that would be North Korea that is actually very, very poor).

Far higher levels and usage by the general population than found anywhere in Europe or North America.

You have missed a word indicating usage of what you are describing, but I am sure, it's not "random stuff people do not need but society with dying economy needs to move it to keep salesmen employed".

Do not make the mistake of romanticising poverty. People do not live in poverty through choice.

It's not poverty, it's normal, healthy life. What you have is gluttony and constant manipulation of people's desires by advertisement, people chasing what is being presented to them as a cure for their meaningless existence, and then trying to convince themselves and others that they are happy. Seriously, this is how your society looks for anyone who was not born in it (I wasn't but I live in US for two decades, so don't give me this "they don't know it").

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