Tamron 150-600mm Lens thread number 2

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Re: Tamron 150-600mm Lens thread number 2

wwsjr, Now, I am getting to think Tamron USA has no more knowledge than I do about this lens but with that said in one of my early phone conversations with Tamron USA about the expected launch dates the customer service rep told me that it would be released one version at a time BUT.... (big BUT here) all the versions have been made and are warehoused in Japan currently. This was back in early January (pre the 17th) and being a old manufacturing management guy this raise both my eyebrows. If the CS guy was right then a progressive launch is about a dumb a idea as one could think of in todays business. Here is the USA you are taxed for raw materials on hand, taxed to run the final product off your lines, and taxed to hold this product in inventory for more than 90 days. It would just be flat stupid to make all your product before your test release then if there is a issue that was missed in R&D and prototype testing it would be much more difficult to fix if the inventory is warehoused. Plus paying all the various taxes and not having revenue returned.

I have my sincere doubts this rep knew what he was talking about.......

I honestly think you might be right the Nikon release will be in late March early April in the USA but also in limited quantities and the Sony  release late May or June in the same manner. It could be winter 2014-15 before there will be adequate quantities of all versions on hand so a customer could see one in the various web shops and order one to be shipped that day. It would serve Tamron right if say Sigma fired a 150-600mm down their lines and beat Tamron to the punch in all versions in the world market. If Sigma doesn't they are missing a great opportunity. If you notice they are discounting their current 150-500 so my guess is something is in the pipeline.

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