Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

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Re: Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

abelits wrote:

Aberaeron wrote:

I don't just believe it, I know it to be true. These people aspire to improve their lives.
That, however, is a different subject altogether from the delight in using and the utility of older tools. We are fortunate to have the choice.

"Those people" produce what your "consumer society" consumes. And at least they can produce things -- "consumer society" is an economy so much driven into the corner, it can't build any everyday object without crashing itself. Respect those who still make something that others can enjoy, be it cameras, photos or vacuum cleaners.

The people who actually make things are the relatively wealthy that can generally afford things that others cannot. They are at a completely different end of the economic scale to all of rural China, Vietnam and other rural areas in the region where the vast majority of people live and work, mainly on the land. Vietnam, for instance, grows most of the Western World's instant coffee and it is their highest earning crop, yet the growers live in abject poverty, frequently tilling land littered with live ordinance which still maims and claims lives, where a camera, any camera at all, is a massive luxury.

You obviously missed my post where I illustrated that the people have the same aspirations to something 'better' that we have in the West and where possible they embrace technology and higher standards of living with gusto. Examples are everywhere, but as nations that have transformed in recent times, South Korea stands out like a beacon, where living standards are generally high and the highest levels of cutting-edge technology thrive. Far higher levels and usage by the general population than found anywhere in Europe or North America.

Do not make the mistake of romanticising poverty. People do not live in poverty through choice.

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