D800 or d800e??

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Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: D800 or d800e??

That's much better, but the spread remains, no problem seeing it:

ACR, Raw T

As well, there is a good deal more noise and generally less delicacy in the Raw T version. In my opinion, of course.

My view on the D800e raw files is that they represent a near perfect balance of artifact to detail with the secondary filter.  The Sony A7r is at least as detailed as the "e," but is freighted with a much higher dose of moire, as there is apparently no filter of any kind on it.


But I digress.  My main point is that the D800e and the D800 are both capable of superb detail, but they don't respond kindly to old school cranked up sharpening routines held over from lesser cameras of the past.  Easy does it!

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