Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

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Re: Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR


Your experience with the camera is not surprising. In some ways I think it is what led you prematurely to the hate HS50 thread. We see the output of some competent people who shoot with the HS50 and when we question things like noise or water colour effect it appears that we hate the camera.We also see poorly prepared "tests" which prove nothing that is offered up as the last word. We don't need the camera to judge this output.

If we as the naysayers who hate the camera suggest that you should turn down in camera jpg settings to reduce noise and water color effects (to those who don't want to process RAW or simply point it out) then we are just being negative. It is nothing new beccause it has been said since the first HS camera came out (HS10 didn't offer these settings unfortunately).

IMO your output with the HS50 is about as good as you will get. If you are shooting JPG then turn NR and sharpening down, get a good noise reduction and sharpening program and control it yourself in PP. Maybe you will get a bit more out with RAW but IMO if you set your standards high as it appears you do then RAW probably won't cut it either. Good luck.

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

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