Newbie gear question 2300 budget.

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Re: Newbie gear question 2300 budget.

Stephan K wrote:

To my mind one of the biggest advantages of Canon wrt your potential range of lenses is that you can go to an excellent 70-200mm f4 IS at half the price of the Nikon equivalent. I believe that the IQ advantage of full frame is marginal compared to the +- 50% higher cost.

? The Nikon 70-200 f/4 is roughly $50 more than the Canon? In terms of lenses, Canon has the enviable 135 f/2. If Nikon ever revamps their DC lenses, that advantage goes away. For the most part, Canon & Nikon have very similar selections. Currently, other than the 135 f/2 (an obvious weak point), I prefer Nikon's selection. I have shot with both the Canon 24-105 f/4 and the Nikon 24- 120 f/4. That 15 extra mm is quite nice. I use the Nikon 35mm f/1.8. It's a nice lens, especially for the money. No Canon equivalent. The 50mm lenses from Canon are nothing to write home about until you get to the 50mm f/1.2. The Canon 50mm f/1.8 is probably one of the well known worst reviewed lenses whereas the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 is stellar. And the Canon 50mm f/1.4 is just an OK lens, while the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 is again, a stellar lens. When it comes to kit lenses, I think Nikon has a decent advantage, and I don't even like kit lenses. And that's all just a long way of saying that the two are very comparable and any "advantage" is just our opinions!

I believe your best IQ for the budget would be a Canon 700d (or a 70d if you can find a used one at the right price) with the 18-135 IS, and a used 70-200mm f4 IS (Photozone "the sharpest Canon zoom we have tested to date"), followed eventually by a Tokina 11-16, one of the best WA lenses in that range.

The 70D (Canon's long awaited answer to Nikon's D300 I might add!) and the 700D are great cameras. From a purely technical standpoint (lab testing), IQ on the Nikon's will be better. However, as I have said, in real world use it is highly unlikely any significant difference in IQ could ever be noted. My biggest beef with Canon is their flash implementation: it's all over the place. I teach a basic, shoe mount flash class. You put a Nikon SB700 on any Nikon body and you pretty much get the same results across the board taking a picture of a gray target. With Canon, flip a coin. And this echoes my experience when shooting TTL flash with Canon.

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