D800 Kept randomly refusing to focus & shoot the other day...

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Re: D800 Kept randomly refusing to focus & shoot the other day...

bydavidrosen wrote:

I have a couple Nikon lenses and 3 different SD cards I can test out too (I switch between all this stuff regularly), but what would that tell me exactly?

Well, if you do the checks in more or less the order listed, it's possible that you may progressively rule out potential sources of trouble, one at a time. If nothing else it's good to know what ISN'T a problem.  I am assuming you are not filling up the buffer shooting and experiencing a difficulty there.  If it's still trying to save to the card (green light is on), because the card's slow, bad, the buffer is full, or the stars are not in proper alignment the camera may freeze.

Once you eliminate any camera problems that could be solved by a reset, move to the memory cards.

I suggest that you positively eliminate the memory cards as an issue. Memory cards are a frequent source of problems. There are large numbers of counterfeit memory cards out there, and my personal experience with them is that they can appear to operate normally initially, then begin to have odd problems. They may also operate correctly in one camera and not another. Legitimate cards can also just fail. I have no explanation for this, just a personal observation from a very limited sample.

If you just keep on testing with the same memory cards, then you have not eliminated them as a potential problem area, even if they work fine under other conditions.

If you make more than one change at a time, you will not be able to identify which was the source of the problem.

If the problem does not persist after the testing, then you may assume that somewhere along the line you took some action that accidentally fixed it or that you have inadvertently exorcised a poltergeist from your CPU.    Weird stuff sometimes happens.

Also, as I mentioned, most of the problems I experience personally are pilot error

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