Sigma 18-35 w/ speed booster=Voitglander 17.5 & 25mm combined plus more...

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Sigma 18-35 w/ speed booster=Voitglander 17.5 & 25mm combined plus more...

Came across this, though the article is a few months old.

Sigma 18-35 f1.8 with the Nikon G to m4/3 speed booster would equal approximately 13-25 @f1.2

Though it's not f.95, f1.2 is pretty close, about 1/2 to 2/3 stop i believe. But this covers your 17.5(35mm equiv.) and the 25(50mm equiv) both at f1.2, and at 13mm wide gets you about 25-26mm equiv.

According to the review the image quality of the sigma with the speed booster was quite a bit better than the Voigtlander(s) wide open.

Just thought it was interesting, of course it's bigger, but it covers a decent range for a lot of stuff instead of carrying multiple lenses. The sigma and speed booster together basically covers all the native prime lenses and is faster-Oly 12mm, Panny 14mm, Oly 17mm, Panny 20mm, Panny 25mm, Oly 25mm. Throw an extension tube in there it can be a wide angle macro or take off the speed booster and put a standard adapter for more zoom and you get the 18-35 back at f1.8, a 36-70 equiv. Seems there's a lot of possibilities with this setup. So in a way it's with and w/out the speed booster it's like a 13-35mm f1.2-f1.8 lens. Would you pay US$1200 for a lens like that? Then maybe add one of the other F mount fast zoom lenses of your choice, 24-70 f2.8 maybe, which is like a 17-70mm f2-f2.8. Again, obviously it's not small but if you're not in a situation where you need one of the small primes a two lens setup like that is pretty drastic.

How are the edges with the sigma and speed booster. Most searches reveal it's use with the black magic cameras, though I did find this which the sigma was put on a canon 1D used at 1.3 crop and only had slight vignetting at 18mm but at 35mm with no crop it worked.

Here is a 35mm DX with the speed booster showing better results when compared with the Panny 25mm.

So according to some of the examples it's very quite possible it works well with the speed booster.

Canon EOS-1D
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