Robin Wong - Olympus 25mm 1.8 review, part 1

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What's the point

Kirk Tuck wrote:

Yeah. Sure. It's almost as expensive as the Otus 50mm lens for DSLRs......(sarcasm).

Canon EF 1.8/50mm costs about EUR 80 (GBP 75?) and is an excellent lens when stopped down to f/2.8-4. Maybe the Olympus is a little bit better wide open and probably it has higher mechanical quality - however the Canon has better DOF control (m43 equiv. would be f/0.9 25mm).

definitely expensive.

What's the point of a fast lens if you meed to stop it down for results?
Being "a little bit better wide open" is worth a lot and warrants a premium.
Not (only) for more DOF control but (mainly) for light gathering in natural light (at least for me).

Not that I want this particular lens but I can see its attraction.

Just saying: comparisons with the proverbial dirt-cheap fast standard prime are a fallacy if that prime needs stopping down wiith more than a stop (or two) uo compare in IQ.
Roel Hendrickx

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