Peano - we've lost one of the truly greats

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A few thought......

Thanks Toermalijn, Jerry and Brick for your kind words above.....
As you probably recognise, I do like to be courteous to all members here; we are, after all a big community where many great friendships,albeit over the internet, have developed.
I am not sure why Peano has left and am sorry and disappointed if he has upset anyone; but I have never found him anything but helpful and courteous but also recognise that the remarks above, which he has apparently said, seem very much out of keeping with his usual style.
I have been able to learn a great deal from Peano and his techniques will probably be copied for years to come (I see there is already a thread dedicated to his skills)
I am also wondering why some of the greats of this forum are not here, Chip, Sam, Wilkev to name but a few.....they provided some fantastic help and support for all.....I have to say that some others here, Butch, Ronny, Patsy and many others have also stepped in and provided some great help and workflows....much appreciated....thank you.
I do hope that this thread will not create further tensions amongst members and that we can all recognise and respect the immense contributions made by Peano over many years and if it is felt that he has recently not been his usual courteous self, that perhaps we might wonder is so unlike the Peano I know.
Just a few thoughts in the hope that we can avoid further confrontation amongst people here.
Best wishes to all

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