Newbie gear question 2300 budget.

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Re: Newbie gear question 2300 budget.

I wouldn't call it pixel-peeping its more of just an eyeball test. of 2 similar images exposed and post processed the same way. Which looks better overall. And I found that the Sony NEX6 did better over the D5100. Now keep in mind D5100 was with kit lens and the with the 30mm 2.8 Art Sigma prime. So I know its not a fair comparison.

So all of this talk about how important the lens is hasn't really sunk in? Comparing a prime to a kit lens? Were both lenses at f/8 or f/11? Was the lighting controlled and exactly the same in each shot? If I pull out a light meter and meter the light falling on my subject, I will get a reading, an EV value. This EV value essentially tells us what settings are required on any camera to record that exposure, that light. At which point, it is you knowledge, followed by the light itself, followed by the lens, and then finally the camera. Each step is infinitely more important than than the step following it. You want to agonize over something, agonize over the lens choice.

The fact that the Nikon DF is in the poll makes me not trust it that much. So they took the 2 year old D4 sensor and put in a retro body (ill admit it looks nice), then took out the video and a ton of other features out then made it WAY slower then the D4 and charged 3000$$$? If I had that kind of money to spend D800E would be 1000x better. Not saying a DF is a bad camera but it should cost 1700-1800$ not 3000$.... anyways

Which misses the point. The camera is simply a tool. You get the tool that allows you to do the job you want to do. Personally, I would love a D4 sensor in a D800 body for $3000. I have even considered the Df for that reason. I shoot weddings. I don't need 36MP. I don't want 36MP. We have the D600 and I don't want 24MP. I was just fine at 12MP. Now I need a RAID set up in order to save the gigantic PSD files (I suppose to be fair I could just resample them down). I want my D400, where's that? I digress….

In any event, if you simply want to know what I would buy with what I know now...


Why? It's an inexpensive way to get the f/2.8 focal length. Yes, it's a compromise. I am not a huge fan of third party lenses. But hey, we are on a budget.

For the camera:

Why? For starters, I shoot Nikon. As mentioned, I believe the Nikon flash system to be hands down better than anything else I have seen. Of course this only matters if you need TTL flash. For manual flash, it isn't going to matter. And I much prefer Nikon's controls (try selecting an AF point with a Nikon camera and then try the Canon, as one example). The D7100 is fairly current and the kit lens enough to get you buy until you can get something better.

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