D800 Kept randomly refusing to focus & shoot the other day...

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Re: D800 Kept randomly refusing to focus & shoot the other day...

I can't tell you what's wrong, but I have a troubleshooting routine I use myself that more often than not works for me. Generally, I discover that it's pilot error

1) Two button reset. Wouldn't hurt to reset all the other settings to default either. Don't change ANY settings before retesting.

2) Depending on the nature of the problem, I MAY try some shots WITHOUT a memory card.

3) Try a DIFFERENT, preferably brand new from a REPUTABLE (no eBay, because of counterfeits) seller, FAST memory card.

4) Thoroughly and properly clean both the lens electrical contacts and the body electrical contacts.

5) Try a different, late model, NIKON PRIME lens. Try both focus and release priority.

6) Have a friend try it in case I've got a momentary brain **** and doing something stupid.

Usually it's me, not the camera.

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