Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Silver Age of Legacy Lenses

As others have alluded to, the golden age of legacy lenses in this system was when it was new: I remember seeing this forum being born, and there being constant discussions about adapting this and that, and some pretty creative uses of legacy lenses. A lot of good results, too.

These days, I get the impression that the majority of legacy lens users are on a budget. They've probably been further reduced after Sigma released their affordable lenses for the system, and especially after they had a sale for the Mk I versions (bought the 19/2.8 myself). Since I'm using this system on a budget, I have no interest in the speed booster adapters: they're to expensive.

Still, the system user base is larger than ever before, and even a smaller percentage of all the users are probably enough for the Chinese adapter manufacturers. I think the average user in here is pretty well-off and uses a lot of money on gear, and the budget-conscious may fade into the background.

Some things I've found out while using legacy lenses:

  • Cheap Chinese adapters are a good deal. If one doesn't work, just get another. Adapters from Novoflex and similar are much more expensive and add little value.
  • Konica Hexanon lenses are great. My Konica Hexanon AR 40/1.8 with adapter is about the size of a 25/1.4, if I'm not mistaken. I got this as an assembled set - I believe they require minor modification to be adapted, but to get anything else this small you have to buy hugely expensive rangefinder optics.
  • 50mm lenses of any brand are a good deal, just don't use too much money.
  • Canon FD and Olympus OM lenses give good or great performance, but may cost too much.
  • M42 is the ultimate budget mount - you can get all kinds of lenses for almost nothing (I seem to recall a friend buying a lens for four dollars, including shipping). The long adapter and relatively primitive lenses *will* add a lot of bulk. However, if you want background blur on the cheap, then nothing can probably beat an M42 135/3.5 (one auction I see right now has seven euros as the latest bid).

I hope this is of use to someone! It's great that manual focus is easy again - I used the old Four Thirds system and manual focus was bad enough that I quickly gave up the idea of legacy lenses. In this system it's very useful, however.

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