Peano - we've lost one of the truly greats

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Re: Stop Grieving!

Toermalijn wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

He isn't dead, he has merely rejected you! He decided his life was better without this website and the people who inhabit it.

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We are not grieving, we are showing respect to a well known and respected forummember who decided to go elsewhere due to external factors. This forum will survive, maybe new talent will come. That doesn't mean that you have to forget what he did for this forum and for the people.

I am member of this forum for years and it was way friendlier then, then it is right now. People were really interested in learning new techniques etc. Now it seems a lot of new forummembers are looking for fast free edits and that's it. You hardly hear from them again and if you suggest a technique or manual or link, they get angry because they have to learn something.

This forum always has been a platform to learn techniques, provide links to useful techniques, manuals and step by step tutorials and often even free actions to make peoples' live easy.

Also to show your work for critique and learn form it.

Now it seems more a platform for free editing.

Apropos to your comments, I've been away for a number of years and just returned less than 2 months ago. And I'm dismayed to see what change has come to this forum. As you said it used to be way more polite, but now it seems that posts are hijacked by people with no talent who simply want to argue for the joy they somehow get from arguing, and as noted by one of the posts above, by proving their "win" by getting the last obnoxious word when people they berate no longer have the energy to respond.

And without identifying certain individuals of this ilk, what's with people who post an image for retouch and then rudely critique the retouches?? What on earth is going on?? This is a sad example of "no deed goes unpunished" and why the forum regulars are less inclined to be helpful and eventually just permanently walk away from this forum.

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