D800 or d800e??

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Re: D800 or d800e??

Horshack wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:



Download both raws.

Make one as sharp and color accurate as possible.

Copy those settings and paste to the other.

Open as layers in Photoshop.

Align images.

Zoom in to the "Proportional Scale" text. Way in.

Click the top layer on and off.

I'd estimate 10-15% sharper at f8 for the "e" on the peep.

Worth it? You bet. We would be all over any lens that made that much visible difference.

Sharpening the D800 to get to the "e?"

No free lunch, you're bringing up artifacts at the same time.

Which is why I shoot the D800e.

I need all the sharp I can get :^)

There are plenty of other D800/e raws at IR and DPR if you don't like these.

What artifacts from sharpening, at least when done properly?gg

Let's see how you do on the Proportional Scale, Horshack.

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