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Re: EV setting

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I understand that it's possible to lock the exposure in A or S mode, and this is one such user-friendly option which you were perfectly justified in mentioning, but ... I personally almost never use A or S mode since coming to Nikon. They (along with Pentax) are one of the few manufacturers who allow EC in M mode with auto ISO, which I find really useful. So I shifted from being mostly an A priority shooter who sometimes used M, to a mostly M shooter who rarely uses anything else. I don't think that is the only way anybody should shoot; it simply suits ME. In easy conditions like a sunny or overcast day, or in the safety of my own living room under artificial light, I can pretty much dial in all my exposure settings from memory. Using full manual in these situations, I don't have to futz around with AE Lock or EC or anything like that. It would be even better if there was the option to use EV lock. That's all I am saying


Do you still use manual when you're in a situation with constantly changing light and movement?

I find in these conditions it's better to us AP because even with under- or over-exposure usually the raw file forgives enough to get beyond it in PP because the exposure will be in the ballpark.  ...except when ISO is high or when in auto ISO and it goes high, and that's often enough to be a problem.  Cannot dig detail out of shadows well with ISO really about 1600 or 3200 in my experience (D600).  Sure, somewhat, but people's faces do not translate well.

So you point is well taken, a mode in manual, to save time, that adjusts both shutter and aperture once exposure is set, if I understood you correctly.

Do you use Auto ISO at all in manual?  I think to limit is a good option but, in AP, then shutter can't reach acceptable speeds in dynamic situations.  I find myself using AP but always often going back to M because I think in terms of what DOF, what shutter speed is needed for a shot, do ISO need a boost to reach shutter speed.

This is what I mean by direct camera linking to the controls in M vs. AP where, with the latter my thought process is what DOF, is the shutter speed enough, was the exposure enough, dial in EC, took too long.  

regards, David

p.s. why do you have so much gear?

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