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Recommended Readings - Book-list

I am starting this thread in the hope that it will be useful to a lot of beginners, enthusiasts, and even professionals photographers to learn the craft. I would like each of you provide your recommendations on photography-related books. To make it easier, more precise and organized, I propose that you list your recommendations as follow: (please only recommend a book that you actually read and feel worth recommending, not just any book on the subject. This is the whole idea).

Genre: here you specify the main topic/theme of the book (e.g. portraits, landscape, night or street photography, film, composition, wildlife, sports, flash, lighting, food, safari, travel, introduction, general (use this sparingly), etc..).


Author(s): (if you know)

Edition: (just in case there are different editions).

Output: Print or e-book?

Level: this is your opinion regardless of whether or not it was stated in the book. (Rating from 1 to 10, 1 being for new comers, 5 for an enthusiasts who understands the basic, and 10 being for professional photographers who may find it interesting. choose wisely please as this may be indicative to the reader as to whether or not it's for him/her. For this reason, I recommend rating of 1-10, rather than 1-3, 1-5, 1-7, to be as precise as you can).

Approach: (Theoretical/Practical? Does the book approach the subject from a theoretical or practical perspective. For example, is it hand-on with settings, provide examples, or purely textual approach? Please be generous in your description, if for any reason you can't, then just say theoretical or practical.

Notes:here you can list your observations, reservations, recommendations, any 'ations' you like. Or just simply explain why you think this book is worth reading. Also may be provide information on where to find it (any deals or sales going on?). If it's an old book (e.g. Ansel Adams), you may recommend the reader to look for it in used bookstores. Again be generous in your information.

I wish there is a sticky in this forum, nonetheless, the link can be referenced in any post that may benefit from it. In addition, I am willing to take on the task of compiling all the information (if I get any ) and present it in a new thread in much organized and concise manner

Please, limit this to books (print or e-books). Online video tutorials, or online courses are not part of this (for now at least). Also, limit this to capturing the image, not post-processing as this will open up a whole new world. Besides, the idea of 'think before you click' should be encouraged, I believe.

Also, just in case you may be wondering why this thread is in Nikon FX forum. First, I am a Nikon shooter. Second, I find this section the most informative. Third, I find you people to be the best (can you argue with this now?)

Most importantly, if you come across this thread, and you happen to wholeheartedly agree with someone's else recommendation, please say so, and also add in your opinion/thoughts. Your opinion counts.

Finally, if you have any suggestion for this thread, please let me know. The whole purpose of this thread is to help others who may find it useful (including myself as I probably haven't gone past level 5 or 6 in my suggested ratings).

Just to sum up, and make it easier for you if you decide to use the quote function in the reply, please list the following:









Thank you all,


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