Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

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Re: Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

Raymond Cho wrote:

It does more cost money to buy a nice car or a used car that is still rather nice. Many people just pick up a modestly priced car for us we get them at the auctioneer so cheaper than the dealers and not have to deal with them too .... We pick up a 5 or 8yr old car depending on the deal we get, your typical VW Golf or Toyota Camry etc. keep it for another 12yrs ourselves and then sell it for $200 or send it to the scrap yard and get back $100 when the repair bills gets too excessive. It's silly to buy a new car, it depreciates as you drive it out of the showroom. When it needs service, tyres etc .. we just send it to the place that has a good deal and reputable. We do shop around for good prices....

Good job, Raymond. I'm buying a used car next time around, myself. I've always bought new, but I've also run those new cars into the ground like you explain. My father bought a new Porsche every four years from the same salesman at the same dealership. He liked expensive cameras, too, but you know what? I have almost no pictures of me when I was growing up. 

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