Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Re: More using adapted manual lenses than you think…

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Which puzzles me a bit because if you look up MF lens adapters to M4/3 mount for sale on the web it seems that there is a huge industry there catering for somebody. Somebody who?

There are quite a few mirrorless systems out there ALL with pretty thin selections of native lenses. So, instead of complain about a dearth of available native glass, what's the best way to fill the gaps? Adapt manual lenses.

In the three years I've been using M4/3, and adapting manual lenses, I've seen the cost of used manual lenses rise quite a bit. At least at KEH where I've bought most of my used lenses. A couple have jumped 25% or more!

As more and more new mirrorless systems are released, I think we'll see that trend continue.

There's also something quite special about using some older lenses. The rendering and character some older lenses have over the current trend toward clinical sharpness has a lot of appeal for some people. Is it soul? Maybe.

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