The worst thing about the V1...

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Re: The worst thing about the V1...

samfan wrote:

A-Frame wrote:

This issue does exist and will affect those who need to shoot sequences at high frame rates under fast changing lighting conditions.

I know that but there's still someone here who doesn't believe it...

Well, "he" definitely believes that it is possible to design a situation where this is a problem, just that it isn't a real life problem.

Like I said before, the Nikon 1 has advantages over the D4 and the D800, but it has also disadvantages. If this is a real issue for anyone, perhaps he should buy a D4. Me, if I ever see an under/overexposed image caused by this I will just delete the image. ...or, knowing that this may happen, just release the shutter to break the sequential shooting and push again to start a new. I may miss a second or two, but hey, this is NOT a professional camera, so who cares?

BTW, do you believe (understand) now what I meant by 9-13 seconds exposure delay? Perhaps this is linked to that and in continuous shooting mode there is ALWAYS a 9-13 seconds exposure delay in extreme situations. Learn to live with it or get another camera. Perhaps the V2 is different, I don't know.

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