Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Re: Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

But MF can be fun and Panasonic has tossed in a reasonable focus peaking system in the GM1 at least and not being "into" Olympus I presume that there is one in current use there as well.

Focus peaking just increases the fun of using MF lenses. But it is not for everyone.

I would like to get some feedback from those who use MF lenses, what types, and what adapters and techniques they use. Also if they are using any of the new Focal reducer adapters that are appearing on the market for M4/3 mount.

I'm one of the manual lens users around here. I try to keep things as simple as possible and simply prefer the process of using manual lenses… real mechanical focus and aperture rings and M mode… to AF. It's simpler and more direct. Tactile. Sure, I use AF lenses, too, my faves being a 7-14mm and 100-300mm. But when I'm out shooting stuff, I grab the manual lenses. I also prefer the rendering of my manual lenses to my electronic ones, especially the Voigtländers, Nikon and Pentax. Electronic lenses seem to be all about sharpness over character.

My main manual lenses are the three native M4/3 Voigtländers, a M4/3 SLR Magic 12mm, a couple of Voigtländer M and L mount lenses, a number of Nikon AI-S macro and telephotos, a couple of Pentax SMC Takumars and a lone Olympus OM 135mm f2.8. Aside from my native M4/3 mount lenses, the lens adaptors I use are inexpensive, one dedicated adaptor for each lens, either from Rainbow Imaging or Fotodiox.

Eventually I'll probably get a second generation Sony A7r, after they get the kinks worked out. I'm already set. All I'll need is a new set of adaptors for all my manual lenses.

I haven't really considered using a SpeedBooster, since I chose lenses that are are generally fast to begin with and the 2x crop factor is all that my mathematically challenged little brain can handle.

I have a GH2 and GX7. I find that focus peaking is a good, rough aide for focus, but using an EVF with magnified view, is the best way to nail it.

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