Phenomenal interest in the X-T1

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Re: Phenomenal interest in the X-T1

simondo71 wrote:

I really like the x-T1 but I do not understand why only 16 meg again.

Most camera brands increase the mega pixel size of sensors with new models but the x-T1 has the same size as the 2 year old x-Pro1. I have an x-Pro1 and worship it so I am not complaining but 24 meg on the new x-T1 would have been really nice. I was expecting 24 meg on the next new Fuji.

Am I the only one who wants more than 16 meg?




Please don't take offence at this as it is meant to help, not put you down in any way. The attitude you have is the one the camera manufacturers, particularly Canon and Nikon, love you to have. Only Fuji seems to have a different ethos as shown by the fact that after the introduction of the X-E2 they issued a set of firmware upgrades to the X-E1, which gave it some of the attributes of the X-E2.

The camera manufacturers want you to change your camera as often as possible, and now that digital cameras have reached a state of near maturity, the only thing that they can change without too much effort is to increase the megapixels. They then trumpet the increase in megapixels as a 'must have' which will dramatically improve your photography. In fact the difference in output between 16 and 24 megapixels is marginal, unless you 'pixel peep', but ever smaller pixel pitches require more care, as shown by the number of posts on the Nikon FX forum regarding the D800.

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