D700 help needed. High ISO concern.

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Re: D700 help needed. High ISO concern.

aldridgec wrote:

Back in the fall I noticed some wide bands of noise in dark areas, or any high iso image that I tweaked in LR. The noise bands are consistent across differently composed images, so it's not anything in the image that is causing it.

I'm revisiting the topic bc I picked up a new D7000 and the high ISO noise pattern is much more acceptable.

A flickr group member seemed to think it had something to do with the way the D700 processes images. If this is the case, I should see it in other D700's. I stopped by my local camera shop to try a D700, which suggested I check the RAW converter bit depth or buy a new camera. I get the same results in bridge, viewNX or LR, so I don't think it's the conversion.

Can someone take a long, high ISO (6400) black exposure RAW file and send it to me somehow? With just the body cap on should be suitable. I would like to compare the noise patterns.


At ISO 6400 you have to be very careful with exposure. The Dynamic Range (see chart) of the D700 is down to less than five stops at that setting. At ISO 200 the D700 has about nine stops DR.

The D7000 only has about 4.3 stops DR at 6400 so I would be surprised if it showed less banding when pulling up shadows.

I sold my D700 sometime ago, so can't supply you with a dark frame. However, the exposure length would be important if you want to make a comparison. The longer the exposure, the warmer the sensor gets and the more noise you will see. Dark frames can be subtracted from a long exposure image to remove hot pixels and amp glow. This is what the Long Exposure Noise Reduction setting does automatically. That is why it takes two times the exposure length before you can shoot again.

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