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Re: LA-EA2 adapter or E Mount / NEX-6 and Alpha 65

Old thread I know but I have been doing a lot of shots lately on the LA-EA2 on NEX6, and traditionally shooting A850 and A65 with the same lens sets.
Thought I'd share.

Biggest difference in real practice is the lack of Image Stabilization that a full sized Alpha has. That means I'm between 2~3 f-stops disadvantage for hand-held shots near 1/60 sec or less. The NEX6 (and most NEX models current) does have a 6-shot blast software IS mode nestled in the automated feature menu, which in an emergency will provide decent shots that's a bit more useful than blurry shots made on a single shot PAS modes... if that shot is to only be used for something like a web-sharing use.

When there is plenty of light, such as outdoors in daylight where IS is not a critical element for all but ultra long range shots, any Minolta/Sony lens does just as well compared to an Alpha using a similar grade sensor. LA-EA does add Phase Detection using the Translucent Mirror so it does not rely on the PD-spots on the sensor nor the contrast detection so much, so with the adapter it seems to focus quite well, and track motion well too. Most of the variables here depends more on the lens used than whether it is mounted on the A65 or EA2+NEX.

The same statement seems to be true for image quality as well, where if you are nit-picking the output file with 900% zoom, the A65's higher resolution will be evident, provided that you shot that on a controlled lab environment to be nearly a perfectly focused shot manually. Otherwise in real-life use, they perform really well and unless we're printing a billboard, there isn't much to pick at with NEX6 shots.

Also another thing to consider is that E-mount OEM Sony lenses are calibrated for faults in lens group design, such as chromatic aberration, and certain types of distortion artificially, via firmware/lens communication and programmed lens file on the NEX's. For any A-mount lenses, this does not seem to be the case when used with a EA2, so some of the imperfections and character of the lens will be evident when used with such lenses, while Sony's own E-mounts seem to come out the camera corrected well even in RAW. Nothing too serious here, and you'd again, need a magnifying glass to really notice, but just putting it out there as food for thought.

But overall, I am really happy with the LA-EA2 as it makes a LEGO block assembly of nicely working toy that's flexible and gives the NEX a load of fun for shooters and toy-geeks alike. It's very unusual looking, and you do get a lot of people asking what the heck I am using...

NEX+EA2 might not be the most economical, but for a guy who has a few A-mount glass, it's something that makes NEX a viable, capable, and brilliant back up toy that's very capable at times... And when converted back to the standard E-mount pancake or retracting lenses, it does make for a great travel camera with image quality, that only several years ago, was reserved for things like the $5000 M9 Leica, in the genre of stylish portable "Rangefinder-sized" rigs.

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