Are there any serious users of MF lenses on this forum?

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Guy Parsons
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Re: Not this bunny.

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Fair comment Guy but then you never proceeded to the simple joys of the GXR with M mount module.

I saw that as a dead end and never went there.

I think MF is more for the fun of it, the challenge, rather than finding the best AF lens in the business. I am sure that there are many great AF lenses out there and the general tenor of this forum is that this is what most members both want and do.

I know that I approach photography from the technical angle but I do realise that the purpose of our gear is to take photographs, so that is what I like to do more than to fiddle with cameras.

Which puzzles me a bit because if you look up MF lens adapters to M4/3 mount for sale on the web it seems that there is a huge industry there catering for somebody. Somebody who? And not a squeak about the emerging focal reducer adapters for M4/3 that reduce the crop factor form 2.0x to 1.4x.

Out of curiosity I did buy the Nikon adapter and played with each lens but then back in the drawer with them. Also bought an Exakta adapter but that was to adapt a 1950's vintage microscope adapter tube so I can mount my E-PL5 on my old lab microscope. Others of course adapt to telescopes.

But the growing population of M4/3 users mostly just use the available M4/3 lenses as there now seems to be something over 70 lenses available from various manufacturers. So in most cases it's a situation of why bother.

There's many cases of people coming up from point & shoot so having system cameras is all new to them and they will stick with dedicated lenses to keep it simple. The other big group consists of DSLR users looking for something smaller and lighter and they will buy dedicated lenses to keep it small, but will get those adapters to have  play with some of their favourite film lenses.

Regards...... Guy

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