Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

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Re: Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

Some years ago a survey was carried out to try and determine whether it was the equipment that motivated an interest in photography, or the end result. Of course the survey questions had to be carefully worded since we felt many would be reluctant to admit that they had spent a lot of money on what essentially are just 'shiny things' only to have them sit in a camera bag, or at best to photograph a few test charts to validate their purchase.

I don't remember the exact percentages but it was about 40% for 'collectors' and 60% claimed they actually used the equipment on a regular basis for 'photography'. I suspect the real figures would have been more biased towards the 'collectors' except that quite a few respondents probably were intelligent enough to successfully manipulate their answers. Interestingly the collectors would often own more than the users in the way of lenses and accessories, presumably because the major pleasure was in the acquisition.

What did that tell us? Well not a lot that we didn't already suspect - but it sparked off a concerted drive to ensure that our dealers carried as many of the accessories and lenses in stock as possible, since collectors will often on impulse buy things they might not even particularly need, if they are in stock.

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