Sigma Lens 18-250mm DC OS HSM Sony mount

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Re: Sigma Lens 18-250mm DC OS HSM Sony mount

I'm not sure on this one.
There seems to be a confusing thing going on with Sigma's 18-250 Alpha mounts.
Sigma lists two versions of this lens, one with product number 883-205 which is the current model of the 18-250 mm for SONY-Alpha, and there is also an older, recently discontinued model 880-205 also for the SONY-Alpha.
In all product catalog and store listings I see, the newer one clearly lacks the "OS" part of the name, as well as in factory catalogs marked *OS is not available in Sony and Pentax mounts.
However on the older 880-205 coded models, the 18-250mm for Alpha, there are no statements anywhere on the factory catalog, that says OS is not available, and on the item box the product name retains the "OS" part, and on the lens itself, still has "Optical Stabilization" printed on the barrel base.<BR>
I don't own either of them, but I am currently looking for such a lens.
If the older lenses do retain the OS feature, it can be very helpful to me since I own a NEX-6 with an LA-EA2 adapter which does not have an internal OS like the Alpha DSLR. It would also be the ONLY lens among the competitors which carry the OS feature, as Tamron's excellent 18-270mm VC in both B003 and B008 lack the VC feature for the Sony mounts as well.
While it makes very good sense for all manufacturers to remove the VC/IS/OS feature for any of the Alpha mounts as Alpha DLSR already has an in-camera stabilization, and using BOTH body and lens OSS does not work very well at all. And consumers as a majority does not need this, and might even have a complaint about the cost and redundant feature set for Alpha DLSR owners. But some of us are in the same boat, NEX+LA-EA2 converter, and will definitely benefit.
Has anyone confirmed on this? If the 18-250mm with older discontinued product code with 880-xxx does indeed have OS for Sony mounts? <BR>

(ie. I am also familiar that Sony does make a 18-200 OSS with E-mount, as well as Tamron 18-200 VC E-mount as well.
But I prefer the use of A-mount for the day I might switch to the Alpha DLSR.) - Not to mention the hefty price tag of almost 2x the A-mount, for these E-mount versions which are basically the same inside and made by Tamron, even the artistically more aesthetic, Sony versions.)

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