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It has this. It's called exposure lock but is used in A or P mode. If you insist on only using M mode, then no it doesn't.

Well, then it doesn't have it. Period. That was the whole point.

I was trying to point out how you can have this functionality but it requires you to rethink how you control the camera. A "workaround" if you will. No reason to get all worked up. I agreed if you just are hell bent on using M mode exclusively, then you are right, they don't have this functionality.

I thought -maybe- you would be interested in knowing this same effect can be had with the camera you currently use, if you are willing to try a different way of getting to basically this same place that M mode provides. Sounds like you're not, which is fine, but complaining about it not being exactly the way you would have designed it or that it should be how pentax designed theirs doesn't solve much as far as you getting the functionality you are looking for. Lashing out at me doesn't solve much either.

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I'm not particularly complaining about anything, and I'm not sure why you keep saying things like "if you insist on using only M mode" or "if you are hell bent on using M exclusively," as though it's irrational to bring up the usefulness of EV lock in M and I'm threatening to self immolate on the steps of Nikon HQ if they don't give it to me.

In the part of my post that you deleted, I made it clear that I was only commenting that it would be nice to have this ability. The Nikon cameras don't have it, so like I said, I get on with life and use other methods. No big deal. The only reason I even posted about it more than once was because someone misunderstood what the feature was about, and then a few other people got into the conversation.

But sure, I do often bring it up when the topic of exposure modes is under discussion, because everybody works in different ways, and the more options a user has to tailor the camera to their preferences, the better. Some people aren't even aware that a feature like EV lock in M mode exists, or often it's misunderstood. The more the word gets out about it, the more likely it is that the feature will be implemented someday.

I understand that it's possible to lock the exposure in A or S mode, and this is one such user-friendly option which you were perfectly justified in mentioning, but ... I personally almost never use A or S mode since coming to Nikon. They (along with Pentax) are one of the few manufacturers who allow EC in M mode with auto ISO, which I find really useful. So I shifted from being mostly an A priority shooter who sometimes used M, to a mostly M shooter who rarely uses anything else. I don't think that is the only way anybody should shoot; it simply suits ME. In easy conditions like a sunny or overcast day, or in the safety of my own living room under artificial light, I can pretty much dial in all my exposure settings from memory. Using full manual in these situations, I don't have to futz around with AE Lock or EC or anything like that. It would be even better if there was the option to use EV lock. That's all I am saying

I mention Pentax because they seem keen on including these features that may seem insignificant at first glance but are very, very photographer-oriented in the sense of tailoring the shooting experience to a wide variety of shooting styles and situations. I think Nikon are quite good about this as well, but it doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.


We are ucky today to have the luxury of variable ISO, on film days over or under exposure by 1 stop could spell disaster - films have essentially nil latitude - to underexpose a photo mean push processing must be done in the  darkroom.  Ex film shooters like me must relearn my technique to take advantage of the new medium and new sensor technology

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