DP Review: Readers Choice Award EM-1 or GM1?

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Re: The GM1 had just come out

Mike Ronesia wrote:

Tell me again what makes the Oly so impressive, I forgot.

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Mark James
A.K.A. Mike Ronesia

It's not that the E-M1 is some super revolutionary camera that fell out of the sky. It's more like every detail that it has, has been done right.

#1 the body: it's more rugged, more comfortable, more weather resistant, and it's still light and compact.

#2. The viewfinder: it's among the biggest and brightest out there, and just a joy to look through, as well as easier on the eye and it doesn't smudge your glasses.

#3. The buttons: the feel is solid, there are plenty on the exterior (especially for such a small camera), and are totally configurable.

#4  The AF. It's quicker, it tracks better, and its capable of focusing with 4/3 lenses at an optimal level, thereby giving you a whole new set of lenses in one fell swoop.

#5.  All the other internal tech: stuff like wifi, live-bulb, more focus points, faster shutter, better IBIS, focus peaking, etc.

It's not that there aren't other cameras that can do these things. Some, I'm sure, can perform much better in certain respects. But the main point is that None of them (certainly none from 2013) can do ALL of these things so well and in such a compact package.

I was kind of skeptical about it myself, but I'm now a believer. You couldn't part me from the E-M1.

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