Newbie gear question 2300 budget.

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Re: Newbie gear question 2300 budget.

juvx wrote:

John Deerfield wrote:

Finally, you mentioned somewhere in the thread comparing say the 70D and the D7100… from an IQ standpoint, in a blind test, you would never be able to tell any difference between the two resulting images. Any differences will be in the post-processing of the image. Because guess what, either camera will be recording the same light. Which is all the camera does.

True however I shoot raw only and PP all keepers in Lightroom so I probably would be able to tell as I was able to for the NEX6 vs D5100 raws.

What camera body would you get on that budget?

If you are doing RAW and Pixel-Peeping, I suspect that you are more experienced than you suggest in your OP. You already have several viable suggestions for equipment within your budget, so why agonise over it? You have to take the plunge sometime.

In the DPReview "Best of 2013" survey, although not absolute individual winners, three Nikon cameras in aggregate polled 41% of the votes (7100, 610 and Df models). That has to tell you something.

$2300 is not a big budget, either by photographic or hobby standards, so don't sweat over it. A friend of mine is in a similar financial position to me and his hobby is cycling. The gear-set on his racing bike is worth more than all my photo gear combined.

Happy shooting.

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