Direct comparison Oly 12-40mmF2.8 with Oly 12-50mmF3.5-6.3?

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Re: That sounds really promising

MatsP wrote:

jbenayas wrote:

Your link gives this result:

"La página que estabas buscando en este blog no existe."

I definitely understand enough spanish to read that!


OK, I found the review, but through the main page of your blog.

You may still want to correct that link.

If I read correctly, you value the lens at 5/5 for IQ and 4/5 for value.

But I also read that you wanted to know whether it would be a replacement of your 12-60 (FT, I presume). Now that is a tall order. What was your conclusion there (I think I must have missed it in the text).

Thanks for warning me about the link. This is the good one:

After almost three months using the lens, I think the 12-40 is the best replacement for my beloved 12-60, and in my opnion it is also a bit better: it gives no-compromise quality from f/2.8 to f/8 across the frame at all focal lenghts. And if I miss the 60mm focal lenght, I use my m.zuiko 60mm macro 2.8 .

I think that the 60mm macro is also very good, but getting it would be really overkill for me.

I'm not much into macro and I have a few good sharp lenses.

But the idea of a lens that could take over the role of my take-anywhere do-anything 12-60 workhorse is mighty appealing.

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Sigma 60/2, 8 might be an alternative to the 60 mm macro. Not a macro but inexpensive and quite good from what I've read. Or wait for the 40-150/2, 8 to cover from 40 and up.

I have just acquired an inexpensive 40-150 F3.5-5.6 and it is exceeding my expectations.

In good light, I will not be needing much else for the time being.

That Sigma is small and apparently very good value for money though.  I can't say I am attracted by its physical appearance, but that is not really important.  The Olympus 60mm is not going to win any beauty contests either, with its slime long design and so many markings.

The 40-150 F2.8 will be seductive but I don't know whether I need it. I would probably prefer a fast prime.

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Roel Hendrickx
lots of images:
my E-3 user field report from Tunisian Sahara:

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