Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

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Re: Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

Sactojim wrote:

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Sactojim wrote:

Interesting read here and another users thoughts that run common with the HS50..not stellar IQ.

A few quotes: "However, the quality of the image delivered by the camera’s default settings is where the camera’s performance dipped. Viewed at 100 per cent in Adobe Photoshop, test shots showed a fine ‘stippled’ quality which compromised sharpness and seemed to be exacerbated by any form of subsequent sharpening. Discussions with Fuji led to a slight improvement by setting both ‘sharpness’ and ‘noise reduction’ to +2, but potential users should note that the camera reverts to the default image quality setting of ‘normal’ when it is powered off and on again, so the preferred setting of ‘fine’ has to be re-entered prior to every use".

Lemme just state for the record. Anyone who buys and uses a camera of this type in Auto mode is never going to achieve a decent image. These cameras should never be used in Auto mode - ever!!

With auto modes everything is compromised, shutter speed ,ISO etc. One of the most common failings in auto modes is blown highlights. Don't do it folks, you didn't buy this camera just as a glorified P&S (hmmm maybe you did ) but because you are at least half serious about photography.

It staggers me the amount of incompetent reviews of EXR cameras I see. The power of this camera, in the review, is completely overlooked by the reviewer. Surely someone who is a serious birder doing a review would attempt to get the very best out of the camera.

I guess they just don't understand EXR cameras.

I read that reviewer was using aperture priority and don't see where he used auto. The problem lies with almost all reviewers in that detailed settings are omitted. Heaven forbid he claim L size is better than M or vice I shoot both sizes in my EXR cams and vacillate as to which I prefer, but seem to get a little more detail with M.

The default settings are Auto on every Fuji camera I have ever owned. Anything else is referred to as a shooting mode. Aperture Priority etc... Nowhere in the review does the reviewer mention any shooting mode other than Default?

The reviewer doesn't mention one of the most important aspects of this camera, the EXR settings or what they might be used for. How does this then constitute a half decent review.

I just had a look at the images they posted as part of the review and the only word that's suffices is "Appalling". Jpegshooter has more than shown that the HS50 is capable of good imagery, but the review images are nothing short of farcical.

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