Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

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Re: Personal Yea's and Nay's of HS50EXR

Sactojim wrote:

Ralph McKenzie wrote:

It staggers me the amount of incompetent reviews of EXR cameras I see. The power of this camera, in the review, is completely overlooked by the reviewer. Surely someone who is a serious birder doing a review would attempt to get the very best out of the camera.

I guess they just don't understand EXR cameras.

That's for sure Ralph / It's not un-common for reviewers to Pretend to KNOW. . . What they actually know is at times a Good Question. . .

I read that reviewer was using aperture priority and don't see where he used auto. The problem lies with almost all reviewers in that detailed settings are omitted. Heaven forbid he claim L size is better than M or vice I shoot both sizes in my EXR cams and vacillate as to which I prefer, but seem to get a little more detail with M.

After shooting Several Thousand HS50EXR Photos I'd give the "L" Photos an Extra Few Points in SOME Photos where there is LOTS OF LIGHT and Not Much Darker Area Content. . .
( To Take Full Advantage You Also Have to Down-Size the Image which is a Form of Pixel-Binning as an actual 100% Crop often shows poorly )
If the Scene goes into Shadows or Low-Lighted areas then the "L" Size quickly falls apart in comparison to "M" size / 8-Mp Captures. . .
At this Point I Very Rarely Use "L" Size as MOST Photos have Better Resolution & Greater Dynamic Range in my "M" Size / 8-Mp RAW Captures. . . For ME / Having a Fairly Clean 8-Mp Camera with a 24mm - 1000mm Optical Range is a Huge Plus. . .
( 16-Mp with a Few Exceptions is Just Pushing the Limits on What that 1/2" Sensor is willing to deliver with Hardware Pixel-Site Level / Expanded Dynamic Range )
NOTE : The Above is Simply MY Opinion & Is Not an Invitation to Start a Debate on M verses LĀ 

Cheers from OrionĀ 

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