Your camera's a tool, not a jewel.

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Why does everybody list their gear now?

Gollan wrote:

What I get from that is "take your camera out and take photos". I do. This winter I had my camera outside in some extremely cold weather. But comparing the risks that pros are willing to take with their equipment to amateur photographers is unfair. A pro can justify killing a camera from time-to-time as an opportunity cost of having some great photos to sell and an interesting portfolio. If I kill my camera, all I have is a few years of using a point-and-shoot while I save for a new camera.

I disagree that my DSLR has "far too many features for you to become comfortable with". I don't have to press every button or access every menu item to take a photo. In fact, when I'm outside in -25°C/-15°F weather, I can only safely take my glove off for a few seconds, so I'm not fooling with too many settings. In the film days, we bracketed to be sure we got the shot. In the digital days my camera will do that for me. Better yet, after the first shot, I look at the picture and the histogram, check the shooting data to be sure I set everything, and decide if I need to adjust the exposure or anything else before I continue. With film we... looked at the contact sheet hours or days later.

It sounds a bit like the author of the article is nostalgic for the film days and distrustful of these newfangled digital cameras with all their buttons and doohickeys. I do agree with him that we should spend as much time as possible taking photos and take risks, but only up to our individual comfort levels.

We never got the extreme detail on film like we do with digital today, too. Its being taken for granted.

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